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Monday, August 2, 2010

Guest Blog: Changing Stations in Mens' Rooms.

Today I'm finally getting around to posting a guest blog from my friend Corey. He asked if while I was away he could share a few ideas and stories he's had in his mind and I am hopeful that this may help him decide to launch his own blog because believe me does this guy have stories he could share!

Corey Anderson is a husband, father of two {soon to be three} and disability insurance expert.

His first guest blog is about changing stations and y'all should know how I feel about that by now. {Do you like that now that I'm down South in Virginia I talk with y'all?}


To me, Simplicity in the Suburbs would include family ease when it comes to changing the dreaded diaper! Sure, back in the 50's women were usually the stay at home moms and did everything. My father-in-law brags about never changing a diaper, but I had him beat by 25 before I was even home from the hospital with our first. But life is changing. Heck. I even have a diaper sash deal I carry when I have the kids solo.

My son started smelling up the car recently on a return trip from a vacation at the cabin. We made a stop at the next exit in Milaca, Minnesota (closest stop to the exit was a Hardee's). So, we made a stop to "clear the air". I figured I would do the dirty job of replacing his diaper. I know I'm "super husband".

I went in the men's bathroom and much to my surprise there was no changing table. I figured maybe they don't have many requests so here is my opportunity to pull a Samara and suggest they get one or else ....

Anyway, before asking how they ignored changing tables, I came out and asked my wife to check the women's restroom. She comes out laughing say there was one in their bathroom. Without hesitation I was hit with two huge emotions. Happiness that I didn't have to take on the beast my son had created in his pants! The other was anger that Hardee's only thought a woman would change a diaper. I asked the staff why they didn't have a changing table in the men's room and the return look I got reminded me of driving at night on a country road in the woods when I meet a deer along the way. The look told it all. The executive sitting at the home office
probably hadn't put the policy in place ....or the manager thought of cost saving measures...or a male manager said he wouldn't want to change a diaper.

The staff was very responsive and came over trying to clear the women's room, but the employee seemed uncomfortable. I saved them from that and said my wife was with and would save the day! After all, isn't that what wives are for?

My challenge to each of you is to start asking why stores don't have changing tables for both restrooms. I know I will be taking my family's business somewhere else next time!

Happy changing!!!!!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like not having changing tables in the men's restroom. There is nothing better than coming out of a stinky restroom, handing the soiled child to your partner and saying, "the only changing table is in the women's bathroom; sorry."

August 3, 2010 at 7:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha Jeff, aren't u funny! Have a fun 3000 mile drive back on Thursday.

August 3, 2010 at 9:42 PM  

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