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Monday, October 24, 2011

Simple Little Things That Bring Me Joy.

The air has gotten drastically cooler around here, especially at night. I'm kind of fond of crisp fall nights though. Now that I mind the late summer that we've gotten lucky with the last year but we're kind of past shorts and short sleeves and all that now and we can actually wear jeans with long sleeves and cozy warm sweatshirts.

While I'm still not looking forward to winter {why is it again we live in Minnesota?} I will enjoy every last drop of this.

Here's a few things bringing me joy this week:

1. Writing for Patch.

I don't always link to the stories I write over there. Usually just the parenting ones. And I admit sometimes {like when I'm writing about a traffic signal change, for real} it can be a little dry. The thing I love most about it is sharing stories. Sharing stories that would otherwise go untold. Finding out that person that lives over there, down the road and just around the corner did something special or has something fantastic to share.

Tonight I interviewed a 17 year old teen and his mom and sat in awe of his heartbreaking, yet inspiring story.

And I think, am I ever lucky that this is my job, sharing this story.

2. Halloween is for Lovers.
2011-10-24 16.55.17

My littles LOVE Halloween. Which I find hilarious because I've never really been an all out Halloween lover. But the holiday struck H just right when he was a babe and since then he lives for the jack-o-lanterns and paper ghosts, glowing inflatables and those five magical rows at Target called the "Halloween section"

My grandma T is just as big of a fan and brought over a heaping bag of decorations a couple weeks ago and they arrange them on the ledge in the basement

So in an effort to better embrace their love of this holiday, we made ghosts for our trees today and lollipop ghosts for school.

2011-10-24 16.54.35

2011-10-24 16.14.22

3. Self-portraits.
october2011 009

Need I say more?

4. Girl stuff.

I love that I have two girls, one big and one little, who I can take to get a pre-wedding pedicure with me.

october2011 001

5. Decorating.

An old friend of mine has a little business going and I was super excited to buy two of her signs and found just the perfect spots for them in our kitchen.

2011-10-24 16.41.20

I want to be grateful every day but especially going into Thanksgiving and Christmas, this sign will serve as a good reminder. I will be grateful for this day.

{I moved the Laugh Often sign I've had forever near the sink where I really need the reminder to laugh. Often.}

And that other sign, I love everything about it. The Lord will FIGHT for you, you need only BE STILL. Exodus 14:14

So what's bringing you joy this week?

Winner of the Design with Vinyl giveaway is #4, Jen.
Also, tomorrow {or Tuesday depending on when you read this} is Just Write. I'm hopefully going to post at some point.


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