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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We'll Just Call Her Sugar.


I snapped this picture of Miss E tonight while J and I were making dinner. It's National Pancake Day, you know? So I was flipping pancakes and J was making hashbrowns and eggs. Trying to be bland as possible around here as the stomach flu is taking us down one at a time. {T's the only one left at this point and he's fading fast.}

Somehow, someway she got the sprinkles out Monday morning and she's had trouble letting them go since. {Both literally and figuratively.}

She's a sugar-lover. Like in the way you'd think we didn't allow it. She's the one who empties a candy dish, polishes off the Valentine's candy and sneaks into the sweat treat cupboard every chance she gets.

Her teacher told me that they had chocolate chip cookies for snack at school today and E squealed in delight as though she'd never had the deliciosness that is chocolate. According to her teacher, she even licked her fingers clean.

Pancakes for dinner

I just love her, sugar-addiction and all.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Early. 30.

I have 29 days left of being 29 today.

My husband and friends surprised me last weekend. Like really surprised me.

I was suspicious. {I am always suspicious.} I was doing some feeling out. There were some clues. But when it came down to it I was really, genuinely, 100% surprised.

They did good.

I felt loved.

And grateful.

Friends put together a book that guests signed with what they were doing in "1982" {I am the young friend with the old soul} and favorite memories and all of that. And I loved it but I really loved on the instructions where it was written that while I've accomplished a lot of things, none are as important as the relationships I have.


So even though my 30th's been celebrated and my kids think we're just celebrating for 6 weeks straight, tell me what are some must-do's in the next 29 days? I'd like to do something every day counting down. Maybe it's some kind gestures, maybe it's some random laughs. Just tell me how I can make the most of the simple little things before I turn 30.


Happy weekend, friends.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012


I took H on a date today to the Children's Theatre. He even got to miss school.


I think there's so much more to learning when you're 5 years old than sitting in a classroom. In kindergarten they seem to hit it hard these days. Reading and math are very important, I agree, but so is the world around us. Don't you think?


We saw Harold & The Purple Crayon and I'm pretty sure he liked it.

The deal is that E gets to go to the next one, Pippi Longstocking. But he told me this afternoon that he kind of wants to go too.

{Trying out a new-to-me app on my phone with the above photos, Lightbox.}

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Procter & Gamble Trip.

It's taken me close to a week to unwind and unreel from my whirlwind trip last week. Are you wondering what the heck I was doing in Cincinnati?

Procter and Gamble invited a select group of media to come to their Innovation Live! event at their Beckett Ridge Innovation Center {BRIC} in West Chester, OH. BRIC is one of 52 innovation centers around the world that P&G uses to develop, innovate and research products.

After a media breakfast with CEO Bob McDonald {in which he shared about the sale of Pringles to Kelloggs and I felt like a real-imposter in a room full of real business news journalists} the first group to go see the BRIC was the small group of traditional media invitees from the breakfast. In the afternoon, a group of eight "internet" media invitees visited. This was the first time P&G has allowed media into one of their innovation centers and they allowed less than 20 of us.

The innovation center is like nothing I'd ever seen, a complete 137,000 square foot building with two real, working houses inside, a mock grocery store, a baby center and even a virtual reality center. P&G uses the building to talk with consumers, see how they actually use products, how products are purchased and also showing retailers their innovations and technical aspects of products and additionally what works in stores and what doesn't. Over 20,000 consumers come to that specific facility for different consumer testing events.

The BRIC did not disappoint. If anything, it made me so much more aware of all that goes into the research before a P&G product hits the shelves. Not just the scientific process which obviously is a big part of product research and development but also the process in which they see what it is consumers and retailers want.

Several faces from P&G were on site including Vice President of Fabric Care, Alex Keith who unveiled the newest product, eight years and 6000 consumers in the making and finally launching at the end of the month, Tide PODS.
procter&gamble 008

Tide PODS have plans of revolutionizing the way we do laundry. The product is a three chamber liquid capsule in a polyvinyl package that completely dissolves with no residue. Another innovation is that the product has 90% active ingredients in it. The POD is to be thrown into the laundry drum (top or front) at the same time as the water (cold or hot!) followed by the clothes. The product completely eliminates the need for heavy jugs of laundry soap and any measuring. In the end, use of the POD will both make laundry soap use more effective (no over and under use) and also save time (P&G expects up to an hour a year of lost time).

Not only is the product expected to help laundry usage in our homes but also brings hope for sustainability. Currently 45% of consumers do their laundry in cold water. The POD is good in both cold or hot, so the hope is that more consumers decide to use cold water. And due to smaller, light packaging, transportation costs and usage decrease, leaving a better environmental footprint for P&G.

I, for one, am excited about the new product and was given a sample. I like the idea of throwing one in and throwing the laundry in. I get excited about the possibility of T & M also being able to do laundry and not having to worry about measuring and messes in the laundry room from the soap.

It was a really neat experience to see the underworkings and meet some core P&G people. I enjoyed hearing Bob McDonald speak and was especially interested in their Olympic sponsorship next summer in London. He shared with us some of the ads that will be airing and of course, I'm excited about his belief and support of moms.

My favorite line he shared, "Don't forget your mom who got you where you are today." Well said.

My write up on the trip posted this morning as well and you can see that here.

Thanks to P&G and DeVries PR for the opportunity.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just Write: Missing It.

As I swing through the revolving door of the hotel and step foot outside, I can feel it. The air is different, everything is moving faster and faster. Cars honk and a taxi roars past. The people on the street are walking past me in a flurry to get here or there or wherever it is they need to be.

I walk, leisurely at first, until I realize, this is the city life I thought I'd have and be so many years ago.

When I was in college, I had big city plans. I wasn't going to have a car, I'd take the train where I needed to go. I'd dress up for work and I would be important.

I walk into Starbucks where the baristas are starting all the regular's drinks and greeting them by name. I am lost in a dream when I realize the guy behind the counter has asked for my order three times over. I'm already  not keeping up with the pace.

I feel both like an imposter and also like I've missed this.

There was a time I lived in the city and walked fast and moved fast and felt oh so important.

And there was a time I travelled for work and flew here and there and had meetings in a fast paced world.

Then one day, I changed my story. I decided I didn't want that or need that and that I wanted something more and something different and it all changed.

And most days I'm good with it. I'm happy with the choices we've made and where I sit today and that I am able to pursue the things I really want to do. But I do have a city heart and sometimes something hits just enough to make me miss it.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012


A girl could get used to this, I said Tuesday night.
{Tuesday night. Westin Cincinnati. Alone.}

But there's no place like home and them. And I mean it.
              february2012 019
{Thursday night. Noodles & Company. With my littles.} 

Full update on the trip and what Procter & Gamble shared with me this week to come.  It was a great experience, a lot of learning and a neat opportunity for which I am grateful, always grateful.

I got home late Wednesday night and fell into bed. Today was full of making up for lost time with my littles but also the reality of life, a funeral and H's 100th day of school party.  To say I'm exhausted after the trip and after today is an understatement. It's been a whirl. Thankful for a blank calendar page tomorrow. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heart Day Photo Dump.

My mind has been bustling with lots this week but time hasn't been on my side. It's Tuesday and yet I can't stop thinking it's still Monday morning. This week is exciting and also daunting.

I've been reminded once again of lifes fragility and whenever that happens it seems my mind and heart are overcome with thoughts and words and gratitude.

february2012 003
Yesterday my father-in-law turned 81. We celebrated Sunday afternoon.
february2012 006

Today is full of Valentine's celebrating. A holiday that snuck up on me even though it seemed we were handwriting names on cards for weeks. As I walked through the grocery store yesterday it dawned on me we had nothing for the kids for Valentine's Day and I bought donuts for breakfast. That's it. And they were happy.

I haven't even yet written in J's card, though he already gave me a gift {!} on Saturday and also left a card for me on the counter this morning.

I'm putting the last few things in my suitcase, heading to H's Valentine's party and then I'll be picked up to go to the airport on my adventure so thought today was a good day to dump some of my favorite pictures I've taken recently. {Most are from my phone.}

{She sleeps during the after school shuffle of picking up here and dropping off there but she reminds me of that quote; "Let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains." Oh, she will.}

february2012 015
{The 100th day of kindergarten is coming....and these two counted out 100 marshmallows for the celebration.}

february2012 011
{Valentine package opening and eating and celebrating. Thanks to my grandma and aunt Laurie.}
{I have never, and I mean never, seen someone look so good in a swimsuit. She is a doll.}

february2012 001
{Have I mentioned that H likes legos yet? He learned about a contest that one could win a $100 Lego gift card and has been creating and creating and creating lately.}


{Star of the week. Related: He's also a star in my heart.}

Happy Heart Day, friends. I'll check in next from Cincinnati!