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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

One of Those Days.

It was one of those days today.

I started out bringing the van into the dealership to have the AC fixed. I first had to dispute the need of a loaner vehicle because despite popular belief I don't just sit around all day.

I pretty much laid it out that either they could be my personal chauffeurs for the day or they could give me a loaner.

They chose the loaner.

Then I had the great pleasure of watching these men try and install H's car seat. Finally, they just let me do it myself.

After driving the Jeep Commander all the way home (about 10 miles away, 20 minute drive time) I realized I did not have my garage door opener.

M recently changed the code on the outside of the garage so I couldn't get in that way either. (And don't even bother asking her what she set the code to because she doesn't remember.)

So after putting some gas into the empty gas guzzling loaner car I headed back up to the dealership to get the garage door opener.

T and M were thrilled about this car. T went as far as to ask if we could just keep this car instead of the van.

For whatever reason it doesn't work like that.

By 3:45pm I had spent $711 fixing the van. Yes that is seven hundred eleven dollars.

I realized as I was leaving the dealership that the people there really were nice, even though I was not so nice on Friday when I learned about what kind of work was needed on the van.

It puts things in perspective.

On the way to the dealership my phone went dead but the last I had spoken with my parents was that my mom was just finishing her dose of chemo. So I decided that I would drive to the hospital to visit again since I hadn't been there since Tuesday.

J decided he'd meet us there as well.

After about an hour in the car I arrived at the hospital, got inside only to find out that my mom had just been discharged. Of course, I would have known this just before walking into the hospital had my cell phone been on.

So J and I again went our seperate ways and headed home.

At T's baseball game I noticed H's nose starting to run. This would be fine except for my mom can't be around any illness or germs right now, so unless this clears up before morning, there will be no visit to grandma's tomorrow.

Right now I am sitting in the kitchen writing this listening to one of our smoke detectors beep.

There is no fire.

The battery is running low. It has been beeping since 6am this morning.

J is gone to the store right now to get the new battery.

Uff Da.

It's just been one of those days.


Thank you to all of you who I know are on your knees for my mom and my family. That means so much and I appreciate it, as does my mom. My dad and my husband keep reminding me that we serve a God of miracles, and they are right, we do.

Promise me that you will cherish every moment with your moms and dads. Hug them and love on them every day that you can.


Morning by morning I wake up to find the power and comfort of God's hand in mine. ... He's always been faithful to me. I can't remember a trial or a pain he did not recycle to bring me gain. I can't remember one single regret in serving God only and trusting his hand. ... God has been faithful, he will be again. His loving compassion, it knows no end. ---Sara Groves


Blogger LeRoy Dissing said...

We all, unfortunately, have "one of those days". I hope tomorrow is better for you and the family S. And I hope your child doesn't have a cold and you get to see your mom. Thanks for keeping us posted!

May 17, 2007 at 2:27 AM  
Blogger ann-marie said...

uff da is right. hang in there, samara.

May 17, 2007 at 10:16 AM  
Blogger melissa said...

thanks for lending me a glimpse of perspective on this crazy-busy day i'm having.

May 17, 2007 at 12:33 PM  

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