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Monday, November 12, 2007

Ask, And You Shall Receive.

Remember this post?

You may have started to think I'd really gone off the deep end with my ideas about needing a new toddler bag. But obviously the people over at 1154 Lill and the owner of The Diaper Clutch didn't think so.

The lovely ladies (especially Amy) at 1154 LILL gave me the great opportunity to choose a bag (either pre-made or designed by yours truly) to try out as my toddler bag.

So today, I present to you, my brand spankin' new toddler bag. Lill sent it in the mail the first of the month and have been using it daily since then.
Here's what I'm lovin':

It's reversible. (Which is why it appears that I have TWO bags in the above pictures. Nope, one very versatile, changing bag!)

It's totally washable. (Lill recommends dry clean only, I did get a spot on mine and used a baby wipe and voila! it was clean.)

It's highly fashionable.

It holds everything I need AND MORE. (Notice the outside pockets, that means there are FOUR pockets. Plus I've already made it my own, note the mess already begun inside.)
I have yet to go somewhere and NOT get compliments and questions about it.

I have no complaints. Nada.

This bag is called the Kimberly, but I think they should rename it 'Simplicity's Toddler Tote' because it has solved my entire dilemna of needing a bag that fits everything, yet doesn't look like a diaper bag, but also doesn't look too nice to have a sippy cup or diaper hanging out of it.
Check out Lill's blog too.
Another person who didn't think I was so crazy is Cynthia, designer and owner of the Diaper Clutch.

Ta-da take a look at the pretty accessory she sent me:

Holds wipes, diapers and even room for a little snack. Love it.

Now this, ladies (and gentlemen, I suppose if we're being totally fair here) is a novel idea. I got it right before Halloween and again have been using it daily.

I already told Cynthia what a genius she is because this solves so many problems and more. It holds the wipes and a couple diapers. (Two in our case, considering my son's got a nice round tush.) This can then be tossed into any bag.

I can throw it in my new toddler bag and not worry about a receipt or pen getting in one of the diapers.
I can take it out and leave it at a friends while she watches H and still keep my bag with me.
I can leave it in the car with J, if he's going somewhere without me.

This is THE gift for a mom to be, or maybe you have someone who already has a baby and could use one of these. Let me tell you, I'm not into gimmicky, this is NOT gimmicky. This is practical, functional and fashionable.

So now I am passing on the goods to you...

From today until November 21st, 1154 Lill and The Diaper Clutch are offering exclusive discounts just for you:

10% off your bag* at 1154 Lill by entering Simplicity Sent Me in the special instructions. (*Discount available on 1154 Lill Signature Styles including Samantha, Candy, Mary, Donna, Kimberly, Grace, Erin, Adrienne, Lucy, Molly, Bridget, Andi, Diana and Tara. While the website won't immediately show the discount, it will process after check out. Discount not available on tax or shipping. Discount only available online.)

10% off your Diaper Clutch by using discount code: Simplicity. Discount not available on tax or shipping.

So what do you think?
Are you ready for some shopping?!?


Blogger The Lindahl News said...

Did you have that wonderful bag with you when we met??? I would've loved to check it your fabric choices!

Thanks for a wonderful time. All the best to you this week with all your hustle and bustle!

November 12, 2007 at 12:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've seen the bag and the clutch and both are wonderful items. These would be ideal for someone like me as well, the Grandma of that wonderful little H. Easy for Grandma to take along diaper and wipes for a quick trip to the store, or a great small tote for Grandma to take along with her purse, as you know us Grandma's need to bring our purse everywhere so the size of the tote is perfect as well. So, to all you mom's out there, Christmas just around the corner, or a sitting thank you gift, I think one or both of these items would be ideal. Love the creativeness.

November 12, 2007 at 9:53 PM  

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