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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Night Ramblings.

Was your weekend everything you hoped it'd be and more?

Here we are again, Sunday night.

Just a few things to update on and then I'm changing into my pajamas and relaxing the night away. Because the 92 odd degrees of humidity around here, as much as I love summer, totally wear me out.

If you participated last year you should have received a Save the Date postcard in the mail from A Breath of Hope this past week reminding you that this years 5K will be on Saturday, September 11.

So...mark your calendars and plan on joining us this year as we walk/run to remember my mom.
This year is once again at Lake Harriet in Minneapolis and I promise that it will be much more organized meeting up with our group than it was this past year. I already have a plan in my head on how that's going to work.

So please invite your friends, spouse, kids, family. Everyone is welcome and everyone can do it!

{Those of you training for the Liz Logelin 5K the following weekend, this might be a good warm up for you!?!?!}

Registration is OPEN!

Please register and JOIN our team "Remembering Nan's Battle". {If you have trouble, just sign up as an individual and say you are participating in memory of Nanette Tilkens. However I have been assured that the team feature DOES work now!}

Last year, we had over 60 friends and family with us so of course my goal this year is 100!

Please, please, please consider joining us! Email me with questions or for more information!


Lots going on over at my Review/Giveaway site this weekend.

MetroDentalcare is giving away two sets of four Twins tickets in June and YOU can win them if you're a parent willing to take the 2 minutes, 2 times a day for 2 weeks challenge.

Read about the true confession I finally caught on video and also about a new, non evasive product for people with ear issues and my take on it.


A blogger friend of mine I met in January has a great post up on vaccinations and doing your own research. This has been something I've never really questioned until this past winter when we started having lots of testing and blood work on E and many things not answered that we have currently stopped her immunizations with the intent to eventually start back up and delay them.

But I think that it is important for every parent to do their research on what is best for them and their children. Check out her post and the link on different states requirements.

In no way am I saying that vaccinations are bad or that you shouldn't do it or that we shouldn't have vaccinated the rest of our kids. It has just been something that I have really taken an interest in learning more about and I'd encourage anyone else who has ever had that little inkling of question on it to do the same.


One more thing, don't ever let a school district try to convince you that certain things are required like shots, kindergarten screening etc without looking into it. You would be surprised the verbiage that is sometimes used that implies certain things are mandatory when really, it's a parental choice.

And that's all I'm going to say about that!


Blogger Adventures In Babywearing said...

Thank you for the link up! Being aware and informed is so important!


May 23, 2010 at 9:55 PM  

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