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Saturday, January 1, 2011


Just like in years past I've rounded up the past year and even though I knew the year was full, re-reading and linking back throughout the year proved to me just how full and big of a year it was.


January: I went to my very first blog conference/retreat. You helped me help Haiti. I packed meals for Haiti with other Minnesota bloggers. T turned 11 and H had his first bowling experience.

February: I realized we were not at our worst but also not at our best in this whole blended family thing. I asked for help with separation anxiety for E and H wrote his name. I became official. I wrote about a bad day and we started finding out about E's food allergies.

March: My littles and I went to a Cub Foods Blogger Event. H got his very first pair of light-up shoes. I found a new definition for fair. E became an official walker, M turned 9 and I turned 28.

April: E gained some weight. J and I celebrated six years and H turned four and we celebrated like superheroes. Oh and T, he got a cell phone.

May: A bird went to heaven and I realized that even on the bad days I've got it pretty good. The littles and I spent time up north while J worked.
My Littles.

June: E turned 18 months and I made a bucket list. I threw out the first pitch at the Saints game. H finally conquered the water slide and I realized sometimes water balloons can be therapeautic.

July: We took our kids camping and across the country all in the same month. J turned 37.

August: It felt like I ran a marathon and then I recapped our vacation to Indiana, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C and eventually Virginia Beach. We spent a week in Brainerd and a Good Samaritan helped us out on the way home.

September: School started again. We walked to remember, again. I wrote about the challenge of mothering him.
October: I had a date with H.  I started sharing some simple things that bring me joy.  We had a winning weekend with my extended family.

November: I blogged every single day again. We had fun with the first snow and made cupcakes for my mom's 54th birthday. J and I celebrated eight years with a big surprise. I shared that we send our ex-in-laws Christmas cards and we got our first real Christmas tree. Once again, you helped me help others by donating to support Rachel's trip to Haiti.
Charlie's 2

December: E turned two. I reflected three years without my mom. I wrote about wanting my kids to be a team and we had a party. We had our most simple, most peaceful Christmas yet.


All this to say, thank you for visiting me here, whether that's clicking on my site, visiting through facebook or twitter or if you read from your email or a reader, I appreciate your support.

Here's hoping your new year is bright, full of hope, love and joy!

Goodbye 2010 and Happy 2011 to you!

If you're in the sharing mood tell me what you're glad to leave in 2010 and what you're looking forward to in 2011!

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Winner of the Starbucks giftcard is #11. The Petersons. Email me your address and your giftcard will be on it's way Monday.


Blogger charish said...

very busy year. Lots of fun and interesting adventures

January 2, 2011 at 12:28 PM  
Blogger The Bishops said...

I love the way you've recapped the year! What a wonderful one it was!! Here's to another great one!

January 2, 2011 at 10:33 PM  

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