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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Bucket List.

The weather in Minnesota has been anything but summer-like lately. I am a summer-lover and so far this summer, I'm not feeling it yet. I think it's the on again-off again cold temperatures and the days of unending rain and storms.

We had two hot, hot days two weeks ago and since then the weather has been so-so.

In theory, the weather shouldn't matter and we should be able to have fun and find things to do regardless of weather. I am all for nothing-days where we have no plans and the kids play with their friends and jump in the pool and have fun. But with the weather being as it's been and neighborhood friends being on different activity schedules we've definitely had some stir crazy days.

So, we're making the most of what we've got. We went to a fun inflatable place this afternoon after T's golf and H's t-ball and tomorrow we've got some plans to use some gift cards from Christmas at the book store.

But finally, here's our bucket list. What we'd like to do and see and enjoy before summer's end. In addition to lazy days at home and going to the pool with friends, maybe another visit to the cabin and a week up north come August.

1. Drive In Movie!
We did this last year and the kids loved it. E was a little high maintenance and probably will be again but we just go with it. {With Cars 2 coming out this next weekend, this might be the weekend to do it!}

2. Strawberry Picking!
Just found out the strawberries near us are ready! So as soon as we come across a non-rainy morning we'll be there picking more than our share.

3. Parades!
We love parades. Tonight was supposed to be the Northeast Minneapolis parade but because of the uncertain weather the mayor of Minneapolis called it off.

The next big one we'll be at will be the Aquatennial.

4. Minneapolis Farmers Market.
Lots of communities (ours included) do their own smaller-scale Farmers Markets but there is nothing quite like the Minneapolis Farmers Market on a Saturday or Sunday morning. We haven't made it yet this year but this is a definite MUST!

5. Parks!
A new playground opened at Elm Creek Park Reserve last week and I'm itching to try it out. We'd also like to get to the Chutes and Ladders Park in Bloomington again.

6. Linden Hills/Lake Harriet/Sebastian Joes.
One of my favorite neighborhoods in Minneapolis. I love walking around the lake, feeding the ducks, visiting Wild Rumpus, enjoying a cone at Sebastian Joes and finishing it off with the kids playing in the wading pool in Linden Hills. {Seriously, I love wading pools. Suburbs like ours don't have them and I think they should!}

7. Twins Game.
J and I lucked out and caught a Twins Game last September but we'd really like to bring the kids at some point too. Especially the littles who've never been.

8. Trolley.
We tried the Wayzata trolley a couple weekends back with my dad and loved it. Not only is it free but the little loop it takes is gorgeous and fun. Can't wait to bring the kids swimsuits, let them play on the beach and ride the trolley back again.

These are the things on our list as of now. What's on your list? We're always looking for new adventures so tell me what your favorite summer must-do is?


Blogger Beth said...

I hear you on the not quite feeling summer yet! Sounds like better weather coming this weekend though! I have no list yet, I made one last year and didn't get to even half of it and was disappointed, so this year I'm just taking it as it comes - the one thing for sure I'm trying to do as much as possible is eat places that have outdoor patios.

June 22, 2011 at 8:32 AM  

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