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Monday, September 19, 2011

Simple Little Things That Bring Me Joy.

Now that we're getting into a groove, I'm noticing all sorts of little things bringing me joy as we transition from summer to fall.

I've got pumpkin bread in the oven, a friend popping over in a bit with coffee to catch up while her kids are at school and dinner cooking in the crock pot. It's the kind of day I needed. I may even make an apple pie for after dinner.

Here's what else is bringing me joy this week:

1. Orchard season.
2011-09-15 17.16.31

I'm of the belief you can never visit too many orchards or fall festivals in the fall. Last week I took my littles to 101 Market near us to play in the corn and the jumper one afternoon and then Friday afternoon we were able to visit a new-to-us orchard with friends. {I found out a couple weeks back, friends from a long, long time ago, now own this orchard and was able to write about them and their orchard over here.}

2011-09-16 17.10.29

2011-09-16 15.35.12

2. Changing habits.

So I've never been the healthiest eater. I'm picky, I like sweets and when I like something I eat it obsessively until I'm sick of it. One of the major plusses of writing for Patch is the neat things I am learning all the time. Last week I got to attend a consultation with a trainer/nutrition expert at someone's home about healthy eating for healthy families. While I like to think we feed our family {and especially our kids} healthy options, I know sometimes we don't. Since the meeting and writing the story, I've really been taking note of our choices. I got rid of a ton of items in our cupboard and fridge last week that are full of artificial ingredients or hugh fructose corn syrup or even hydrogenated oils. We've made the leap from regular peanut butter to natural/organic peanut butter, we've replaced granola bars that are basically glorified candy bars with actual nutritious snacks for our kids. I'm really excited about these changes and hope that our kids adapt well to them and also hope that J and I feel healthier as well. {When the story I wrote on Patch goes live, I'll link to it here.}

3. Half-Day.

H goes to half-day kindergarten and it's the most middle-of-the-day inconvenient time. {He gets on the bus at 11 and gets home at 2:30, can you say mid-day kindergarten?} Eating lunch at 10:30 in the morning isn't something I'm a big fan of but...this morning I was remembering just how glad I am that he's a half-day-er. I still get my mornings with him before he goes off to school full time next year. I am working hard at letting our mornings be ours and not spent running errands or whatnot and enjoying the days.

Today we played Connect Four.

2011-09-19 10.18.17

4. Afternoons with E.

2011-09-07 13.37.54

I'm also enjoying my afternoons with Miss E. She goes to school just Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for now so the other three days while H is at school it's just her and I. Because she's not a napper anymore it's been fun to go on long walks or do things just her and I.

5. Jack.

2011-09-19 11.29.48

He's back. Earlier than ever before.

What's bringing you joy this week or this fall?

Things not to miss:

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Tomorrow is Just Write, if you're interested in a free, no-editing involved writing exercise, go get more information on Heather's blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reading your Blog, Brings me close to you and kids, I miss you all sooooo much.
I Love fall my favorite time of year, I love long walks on a cool brisk evening brings me joy to walk with friend and catch up.

Love you All
Auntie Laurie XOXO

September 19, 2011 at 7:11 PM  

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