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Days 12-17: Wrapping Up.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Days 12-17: Wrapping Up.

We said our goodbyes to J and the bigs as they started their drive home and we settled in for some more adventures in Virginia.

It's taken me a lot longer to summarize and wrap up our trip and it's mostly because our summer has just been so very busy. We were home just ten days (one of which was a day at the cabin) and then headed to Brainerd for a week and when we got home this past Friday, I vowed to J that we are not going anywhere for awhile. Last count shows that the littles and I have spent 36 nights away from home since the end of May.

Now that we're settled, unpacked for good and feeling somewhat on top of life again. {I think?} I'm ready to wrap up our trip to Virginia.

Some of the things we enjoyed on our final days....

*We loved having some extra time with my aunt and uncle and their dog Lucy.


Samara and Jeff Vacation Aug. 2010 194

Uncle Bruce, E and Lucy.

*We visited the Virginia Aquarium.



Samara and Jeff Vacation Aug. 2010 185

*We spent time on the Boardwalk and the beach, both with my aunt and without. Walking, playing in the sand and of course, visiting the Boardwalk carnival.


*We visited the Virginia Zoo. {The nicest zoo I have ever been too!}




{This was so true of H that day, the sign reads: Dangerous Animal Homo Sapien Wild and Unpredictable...}


And what better way to end a trip to the zoo then a splash pad right there.

*H and I went to the Cinema Cafe and saw Marmaduke.


*And our last day we visited the most delicious bakery and then headed over to Ocean Breeze Waterpark. A miniature Wisconsin Dells like waterpark. My only negative about this was that I was alone with both H and E, meaning it was hard to do all the things we would have liked to do.



The entire trip was fantastic, while we were exhausted, we enjoyed every moment as much as we could.

I am not sure we could have packed in anymore than we did over the nearly three weeks.

We learned a lot about traveling with our kids, things we'd do again, things we wouldn't do again, things we'd do differently.

The pictures are printed and in a book already and that is a record. {I won't even tell you how behind I am on pictures!} It was a trip to remember and we will always be able to look back and remember the fun times we had!

Will there be roadtrips in our future?

I sure hope so!

Disclosure: Ocean Breeze Waterpark gave myself, H and E complimentary media passes/admission to the park.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We had the most FABULOUS time, I so enjoyed having you all here, And yes there were days that got a little crazy but all it took was one special moment and it was all wroth it.
Lucy missed you all terribly once you left for almost 2 weeks she would sleep in the back bedroom.
I also missed you all empty nest... :( my house once again became so quite. I didn't put the kids toys away for a couple days ! couldn't bring myself to do it hoping you would all walk right back in the door.. ha-ha.
I miss you all so, so very much. Life is Good..
I Love, Love, LOve You All
Auntie Laurie Uncle Bruce and Lucy !!

August 30, 2010 at 11:15 AM  

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